Commercial/Airline Tires

Flight Radial

Flight Radial®

Our most advanced aircraft tire, with extra toughness and durability.

Flight Leader

Flight Leader®

Reduced tire weight and a unique body cord shape lower your operating cost per landing.


Goodyear has been synonymous with the commercial airline tire from the industry’s beginning. So many firsts: the first aircraft tire; the first retreadable tire for commercial service; the first radial tire for commercial service approved by the FAA. And the first choice of so many.

Goodyear’s continuing advances in design and materials give the leading worldwide commercial and regional airlines stronger, longer lasting tires with a lower cost per landing.

Whether OEM for an airframe manufacturer or replacement tires for airlines; bias ply, radial, or retread; regional, international, or The Moon. Goodyear looks to the the next 100 years of aviation innovations, always leading the way with new and exciting tire advances.